Video production for weddings, events and business

Regardless if you are looking to have a wedding or event captured, a performance recorded or a music video produced - we have got you covered.

John King and his team can record, edit and produce videos to meet your requirements. We can cater to any videography project raging from event and wedding videos, to music videos, to multi-camera recordings and feature length productions.

We are also able to stream events live to our website, Facebook or YouTube.

Our studio is located in central Scotland and is  equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a large greenscreen for professional videography projects of all kinds.


Wedding Movies

With our wedding movies, you would get a feature-length video telling the story of the wedding day. 
Each movie will contain musical sections as well as live action sections. 

Wedding Music Videos

Our wedding music videos are a popular way to enjoy the story of your wedding day condensed into just a few minutes. Typically these are set to a song (or songs) of your choice and presents your wedding video as a short summary ideal for sharing online with friends and family.

Event videos

Our videographer would be on hand to capture clips throughout your event as required and skillfully summarise these clips into a watchable and entertaining summary. This summary can then be shortened into an entertaining music video telling the story of your event in just a few minutes.

Livestreamed Events

With a suitable broadband connection at the venue, we are able to broadcast your event to this website live from your event from

This is an ideal way for people who are unable to attend the event in person to be able to watch the event online as it happens.

Our event livestreams can be watched on and/or on YouTube, Twitch or Facebook according to your preferences.



We can record interviews on location or if you prefer at our our studio ins Clackmannanshire, Scotland.

Interviews can be recorded with a single-camera setup or with multi angles.

We can also record audio seperately with external microphones to provide you with crystal clear speech.

Multi-Angle Live Broadcasts and Recordings

For TV-style footage, we can capture events from multiple angles symultaniously and piece it together like a professional broadcast, switching angles when appropriate.

This can be done live on-location or after the event.

This is ideal for when you want to capture a performance like a play or a concert or live stream an event or wedding to Facebook or YouTube.

3D, 360 degree Virtual Reality Experiences

We now have the facility to capture your events in 3D, 360 degrees virtual reality! This allow you to have the unique experience of being able to relive the event again - just like as if you were there!

All you need is a Virtual Reality headset. (If you don't own a VR headset, we can also supply adapters that can allow you to enjoy these virtual reality experiences using a smartphone.)

When playing back these virtual reality experiences, you'll see objects and people in three dimensions as if they are right in front of you and you have the amazing ability to look all around you in any direction!

This is an ideal way to relive short events such as wedding ceremonies or private parties.


Our Videography Studio

Our state of the art videography studio is located in central Scotland. It features high-end cameras, video editing equipment and a large greenscreen wall. Our large greenscreen wall allows us to replace the green background with any background of your choosing which is handy when it comes to making music videos, news reports or instructional videos.

Download your videos

When your videos are available for download, you can download them from our downloads area.