Special event videography

Capture your wedding, party, performance etc

John and/or one of his team of videographers can capture your event according to your requirements.

We can travel to and record your event, edit the footage together and very soon thereafter you'll be able to download and enjoy the resulting video directly from this website.

Whilst John and his team primarily create video summarising special events such as weddings, parties concerts etc we also create promotional videos, music videos or videos for any other purposes.

John can also offer multi-angle live recording (with optional live editing and streaming) 3D videos, 360-degree 3D virtual reality videos and more.

To discuss having a video made, simply request a call with John. John will then get back in touch to discuss this with you soon thereafter.


Download your videos

When your video is available for download, John will alert you and  can download your video from the downloads area. 

Recent Events

The following recent events have all been captured and edited by John King.

Additional Examples

You can find some additional examples here.
The following videos have all been captured and edited entirely by John King as a one-man team.

Contact John

To speak with John about capturing your event, entertainment options for your event or for any other reason, you can get in touch with him by emailing john@johnkingevents.com or calling 0843 289 1893.