The John King Disco Experience

Gorgeous discos with incredible lighting effects and immersive sound.

Our modern and classy mobile discos designed to add a 'wow' factor to special occasions.

They feature a unique and exclusive intelligent lighting system that dynamically adapts the lighting to match the style of each song. There is nothing else quite like it and it gives your guests the most beautiful, spectacular and exciting disco experience they’ve ever had.

Our state-of-the-art Bose PA systems provide the highest quality audio and, with our PA upgrade, we can cater for events of up to 500 people.

Your guests can request songs from our massive song library, ensuring everyone gets to enjoy the music that they want.

To specify songs that you require in advance, see:

See our incredible discos in action!

The following video shows some clips taken from recent discos with varying lighting styles and people of all ages.

Unique intelligent lighting system

Available exclusively on our Deluxe and Ultimate Discos

Typical mobile discos almost always use sound reactive lighting. These work by having microphnes built into each light fixture itself. When light fixture detects a beat, it triggers the lights to change colour. Because each light fixture operates independantly doing their own thing, this type of lighting has a tendancy to look a bit disorganised and random and there is no way to have each light operating in sync with each other using this method.

With our unique Intelligent Lighting System, all our lights are controlled instead using software Each light operates in sync with one another so colours, patterns and styles are consistent and match the music being played. This allows us to create extrordinary mobile disco experiences not possible with sound reactive lighting. For example, imagine an upbeat dance song where everyone is up on the floor dancing.

With our intelligent lighting system our lights can further enhance that songs energy by styling the lights so they flash, change colours and move quickly around the room to an exciting club-like atmosphere. The opposite can also also true. For example, for a first dance song at a wedding we could enhance the romantic atmosphere of the music with slow moving lights that slowly fades betwen pink and purples colours to enhance that romantic and passionate atmosphere.


Mist and smoke for amazing atmospheres

Our discos go beyond the ordinary with different smoke styles to suit the mood of your event.
Mist Effect
A very fine mist is injected into the air which coats the entire room.

This allows beams of light to become visible in the air which greatly enhances the look of your disco and creates an exciting atmosphere.
Smoke Carpet Effect
The smoke is cooled so that it falls to the floor and hovers a few inches above the dancelfoor creating the illusion that you are dancing on a cloud.

This is a very popular option for first dances at weddings and halloween parties, especially when we combine the smoke with our atmospheric lighting.