About John King Events

At John King Events, we provide premium quality services to special events throughout Scotland. Our team consists of various specialists in fields relating to events.

John King Events came about somewhat naturally because John essentially took various things that he was passionate about and turned them into services for special events.

Before John was even attending school, John was already a competent performer and performed primarily as a singer/guitarist and as a magician. By 2001, John got his hands on his first digital camera and developed a passion for photography and videography. Soon thereafter John started making entertaining road trip movies and feature films with hollywood-style special effects.

By 2007, John had turned professional. Initially John offered his services as magician and as a singer/guitarist but as time went on, John also started offering clients his services as a photographer and videographer as well and expanded his services to offer various other related services for events such as Photo booths and Discos.

By 2014, John was now catering to hundreds of weddings, parties and corporate events every year so he partnered up with various other event professionals to cater to more and larger events and bought a second home that was converted into a studio. 

John and his team's services were subsequently then rebranded as "John King Events".


Meet Our Team


Lloyd Stevenson

A highly skilled photographer and a DJ who is passionate about creating photos that attract attention and stand out with a 'wow' factor.


Jacki Hamilton

A specialist wedding photographer, Jacki is a full-time professional specialist in wedding photography. 


Liam A Black

Liam is a skilled mind reader who can entertain your guests with impossible psychic demonstrations.

Brian Ovens

Brian is a world-class sleight-of-hand magician whose stunning magic tricks will leave your guests speechless.


Paul Cochrane

A high end videography specialist, Paul does incredible wedding videos.