Scotland's leading special event magician

John King is a performer who creates illusions of impossible things.

Unlike typical magicians, John goes to great lengths to hide his skillset. This allows witnesses to suspend their disbelief and enjoy the exciting feeling that they are actually witnessing something impossible and incredible happening right in front of them. 

John's range of effects include:

• Making coins melt like butter.
• Making objects move without touching them.
• Making things instantly teleport from one place to another.
• Reading peoples minds.

His stunning interactive demonstrations will have your guests jaws dropped in amazement one minute and roaring with laughter the next.

Its unique. It's baffling. It's jaw-dropping. It's fun. It's entertaining.


See John In Action

Check out our spoilter-free video showing John performing and the kinds of reactions you can expect when you have John perform at your event.

Performance Types

John can provide entertainment in a variety of situations. These typically fall into two categories:

Strolling Magic Performances
A series of short performances for small groups of people at a time.

Magic Shows
An extended performance for all your guests at once.

Strolling Magic Performances

John's incredible strolling magic performances will amaze your guests and has to be seen to be believed.

Catering to small groups at a time (up to around 15 people per group), John makes his way though your guests performing jaw-dropping, slick and seemingly impossible magic.

Bursts of applause will be heard wherever John goes - improving the atmosphere at your event and making it more exciting.

John leaves behind a trail of impossible obects (such as bent coins) ensuring your guests will be talking about the impossible feats they witnessed at your event for years to come!

John can typically cater effectively to around 40 guests per hour and typically works for up to 2 hours. A secondary magican can accompany to cater to events with large numbers of guests. Guests receive individual attention from John and each set last around 10-15 minutes. The content of each performance will vary from group to group.


Magic Shows

Give your guests an amazing magic show experience where John performs for all your guests at once.

John can perform for any size of audience who can be seated or standing. This can take place in any size of room from a living room to a stage.

Ideal light entertainment for nights out, weddings, house parties or other special occasions.

The finale show can also be performed with someone specific to make their day feel extra special. (Such as with a couple on their wedding or someone on their birthday.)

The show length can be adapted to your needs, but 40 and 60-minute shows are typical.