Incredible Hypnotism & Mentalism Shows

Modern hypnotic demonstations of mind control and mind reading.

Give your guests amazement and fun with one of John King's fun, interactive hypnotism & mind reading shows.

Watch your guests gasp in awe as volunteers instantly appear to fall asleep on stage and carry out John's every command.

Participants let their imaginations run riot by taking part in a series of ridiculous sketches that can include going on holiday, being part of a band, witnessing the murder of a fairy, being the world's greatest artist, seeing the entire audience naked and even appearing on a TV game show! John reveals the intimate thoughts of multiple randomly selected members of the audience with uncanny accuracy.


Important Information

What is this show?
This show is an interactive audience participation show where volunteers take part in a series of entertaining and fun demonstrations of purported mind control including hypnotism and mind reading.

How is this accomplished?

The exact methods used in this show are closely guarded secrets, but the purported phenomena on display is created entirely through safe mentalism techniques such as the dual reality principle, suggestion and phycologial trickery. Although it appears otherwise, participants are fully conscious at all times and participate of their own free will. 

Does this show require a hypnotism liscence?
No, because this show uses mentalism methods  create the purported hypnotism in this show, it does not meet the legal requirement for requiring a hypnotism lisence and is completely safe for all audiences.

What happens if people refuse to cooparate/take part?
As with all audience participation shows, without enough volunteers, there is no show. Volunteers must cooperate enthusiastically and follow instructions. John cannot force people to cooperate against their will. Without enough cooperative volunteers, the show may not be able to proceed and will still be chargeable.

Audience requirements
The larger the audience, the better because larger audiences (of 30+ people) increase the odds that there will be enough voluntary participants for the show to be successful.

For audiences of under 30 people, we recommend John King's intimate magic shows instead. Volunteers who participate in the show must be aged 18 years or older.


Event requirements
This show is most suitable for events where audiences are purchacing tickets to enter and ideally in an alcohol free environtment. This is because for the hypnotism aspect of the show to succeed, people need to concentrate and follow instructions. When people are not investing their money in the show's success and/or are drunk, they are more likely to mess around which reduces the show's chance of success. 

Show length
Timings can vary, but typically the show runs around an hour but can last longer. This includes full-audience participation routines, routines with volunteers on stage and routines with volunteers who are seated in the audience. Due to the nature of audience participation shows, timings may vary depending on how responsive the volunteers are.