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Regardless if you are looking to have a wedding or event captured, a performance recorded or a music video produced - we have got you covered.

John King and his team can record, edit and produce videos ranging from short summary videos to feature length productions.

Our greenscreen studio.

Videography examples

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we have the facility to record up to 6 high definition video angles and up to 9 seperate audio channels symultaniously - ensuring your resulting video looks and sounds fantastic.

Depending on your preference, videos can be edited as a candid representation of the event itself or a more artistic summary of your event.

Full Day Wedding Summary Video - John King was on hand for the entire wedding and compiled the clips into a short story video summarising the entire day into a few minutes.

Wedding - This is an example of a summary video of a wedding using a combination of candid and posed shots. Video

Performance - Extracts from a play that was recorded using 2 fixed cameras, 1 handheld camera. Sound was captured using a microphone positioned on the ceiling.

Concert - Juan Lozano performing as Elvis Presley. Recorded with multiple cameras and on-camera audio.

Concert - Brian Ovens and the Microwaves. Outdoor concert recorded with multiple cameras and on-camera audio.

Concert - The Wild Rover.
Indoor concert recorded with multiple cameras and on-camera audio.

Magic Performance - John King performing magic captured from 4 static angles. Audio captured using exernal microphone positioned in front of the performer.

Mind reading Performance - Liam A Black performing mentalism captured from 4 static angles in a very quiet room. Audio captured using exernal microphone positioned near the performer.

Music Video - This video shows our greenscreen in action as part of a music video. All the shots of John playing guitar on the bridge were actually filmed in the studio and the background was added in later. The shots were all colour edited to give a retro look. The audio for this music video was also recorded in our studio.

Music Video - single camera setup. The audio for this music video was also recorded live in our studio with an overhead microphone.

Our Studio

Located in Clackmannanshire, John King's studio is an ideal place for to have your photo or video work done in privacy.

Our studio is equipped with multiple cameras, a whitewall offering, a greenscreen wall, soundproofed walls, overhead microphones and balanced lighting making it the ideal setting for professional photography and videography tasks ranging from portrait photography, video blogs, news reports and even music videos!

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Our whitewall does not require post processing/keying and is the perfect backdrop for interviews, product shoots and talking heads.

Our greenscreen can be used projects when you need to replace the green background with something else.


One of the most popular features of our studio is our greenscreen. When filming in front of the greenscreen we have the ability to replace the background with anything you wish. This is very useful for photographs and videos alike.

The following video is one such example that was created from a live performance in our studio. The performance was recorded using 4 cameras symultaniously and live audio was caputred using an overhead microphone. The backgrounds were made entirely from a single photograph and altered to create 4 different background perspectives. Finally sound and video effects were added in to finish the illusion of the performer playing in an abandoned building.

Paul Moran performing his song "Held In Contempt", shot entirely in our studio live.

Before: The performer plays guitar in our studio.

After: The image is transformed to make it appear as if the performer is playing in an abandoned building..

Disc Production

Our studio has the facility to design and mass manufacture CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs to your requirements.

This can of videography work that we have done or can be a replication of a disc you have produced elsewhere.

Discs can have full colour labels, printed sleeves and can be individually shrink wrapped.

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Some of the discs manufactured by our team include music albums, concert DVDs and movie DVDs.

Johnny Lee Memphis is Scotland's only world cup winning Elvis Presley tribute artist. "Johnnny Lee Memphis Live" was a compilation of songs taken from two concerts that was filmed, edited and discs were manufactured by John King Events.

John King's album "Going Too Fast" was a music album entirely recorded, produced and manufactured at John King studios. It was sold with various limited edition cover designs.

John King's "The Road Trips Collection" was a DVD and Blu Ray production containing several of John's road trips movies.

Shauny Sherman's self titled debut album was manufactured at John King Studios.

Dionne Hickey's first album "Dione Hickey" and second album "Thinking About Me" were manufactured at John King Studios.

Raymond Blondell's album "Grow Old With me" was recorded and manufactured at John King Studios.

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