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Professional Photographers

Event Photography | Wedding Photography | Photo Studio

Our experienced photographers can be at hand to capture your event the way you want it.

They can unobtrusively capture candid, natural looking photos at events as well as taking control and organising people for more posed shots.

As standard, all photos are individually retouched to look their absolute best and are delivered to our clients typically within 7 days of their event.

John King - Photography Service

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When planning an event in Edinburgh you probrably want !

John can also include other services to enhance your event, saving you time, effort and money.

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Catering to Edinburgh and beyond!

John King and his team can handle events in Edinburgh and the surrounding area.

Captured at Northern Hotel, Aberdeen. Photographer: John King.
Party photograph taken in front of our portable black curtain backdrop.

Photo Booth Tent at The Bridge, Tillicoultry

Captured at The Shack, Aberdeen. Photographer: John King.
Amazing candid photos at parties, even in very low light.

Photo Booth Tent at The Bridge, Tillicoultry

Captured at Northern Hotel, Aberdeen. Photographer: John King.
Party photography captured in front of our black backdrop curtain.

People posing to get their picture taken in our photo booth

Captured at Balgeddie House Hotel, Glenrothes. Photographer: Lee Hynd.
Outdoor large group wedding photos

You can view previous client photos on our dedicated photo gallery website: Visit Client Gallery

Our Studio

Located in Clackmannanshire, John King's private studio is an ideal place for to have your photos shot in privacy.

It can be used for professional photography and videography tasks ranging from portraits, blogs, news reports and even music videos.

Equipped with multiple cameras, a greenscreen, a whitewall, reverb-proofed walls, overhead microphones and softboxes - our studio has all the tools necessary to meet your professional photographic needs.

Our whitewall for photography projects, ideal for portraits and promotional photos where you wish to use the white background to give the impression of infinite space.

Our greenscreen can be used projects when you need to replace the green background with something else.

Before: The performer plays guitar in our studio in front of our greenscreen.

After: Using software we make it appear as if the performer is elsewhere. In this case, an abandoned building.

Get fantastic photos - super fast!

Retouched and delivered in under 7 days!

We understand how important it is for you to get photos that look their absolute best and to get them as soon as possible. With that in mind, our team starts working dilligently to retouch your photos at the earliest opportunity after your event so you get fantastic pictures in the shortest time frame possible.

Timings may vary, but we endeavour to have your photos avaialable for you to download within 7 days of the event.

Learn how to download your photos Visit Photo Gallery

Questions? Want a quote?

For further information, quotes or to make a booking, simply contact us and a member of our team will contact you back at the earliest opportunity.

Please be aware that due to demand, our team cannot cater to every enquiry that we recieved. Early booking is strongly advised as bookings are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

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