About John King Events

John is unique in that he is extraordinarily skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in multiple entertainment and photographic areas.

His unique combination of abilities has made him one of Scotland's most desirable and sought after special event professionals, catering personally to upwards of 140 events per year.

Because of his unique, highly skilled and highly versatile skillset, John is often able to make his clients event planning easier and save them time, effort and money in the process by performing multiple tasks at the one event that would normally require hiring several other people. For example, at a wedding, John can replace a team of 5 people operating as a photographer and videographer symultaniously during the day, then in the evening run a disco, a photo booth and entertain guests with magic.

Despite catering to so many areas, John King's services have an impeccable reputation and are among the most popular and best reviewed within their field - having received acclaim from past customers and winning awards from various event planning services including winning Poptop's "Best of 2019" and "Best of 2018" awards, winning Bark's "Certificate Of Excellence" and achieving AddToEvents's "5 Star Top Rated" status.

Meet Our Team


John King

John has extraordinary skills in multiple areas, making him one of the most versatile and sought after people for special events in Scotland.


Lloyd Stevenson

A highly skilled photographer and a DJ who is passionate about creating photos that attract attention and stand out with a 'wow' factor.


Jacki Hamilton

A specialist wedding photographer, Jacki is a full-time professional specialist in wedding photography. 


Brian Ovens

Brian is a world-class sleight-of-hand magician whose stunning magic tricks will leave your guests speechless.


Liam A Black

Liam is a skilled mind reader who can entertain your guests with impossible psychic demonstrations.

Paul Cochrane

A high end videography specialist, Paul does incredible wedding videos.