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Professional Magician

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Give your guests the time of their lives with John King's unique jaw-dropping magic performances.

John is the consummate professional magician whose stunning magic and hillarious hypnotism shows will have your guests jaws dropped in amazement one minute and roaring with laughter the next.

Your guests will be amazed as they get to enjoy and witness impossible feats that range from seeing borrowed coins melt in John's bare hands to making objects vanish and appear at the other end of the room!

Watch our video to see John in action.

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When planning an event in Glasgow you probrably want !

John can also include other entertainment services to enhance your event, saving you time, effort and money.

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Catering to Glasgow and beyond!

John King and his team can handle events in Glasgow and the surrounding area.

Performance Types

John can provide entertainment in a variety of situations. These typically fall into three categories:

  • Strolling Magic Performances
    Short performances for small groups of people at a time.
  • Magic Shows
    An extended, intimate and interactive magic performance for up to 40 of your guests at once.
  • Stage Hypnotism Shows
    Hillarious comedy hypnotism shows where your guests go on a hillarious imaginary journey.
Strolling magician

Photo taken at Glenalmond college, Perth

Magician in Glasgow

Photo taken at Glasgow Grand Central Hotel

close up magician

Photo taken at Hilton Hotel, Glasgow

Scottish magician

Photo taken at Glasgow Grand Central Hotel

Strolling Magic Performances

John's incredible strolling magic performances will amaze your guests and has to be seen to be believed.

Catering to small groups at a time (of around 5-20 people per group), John makes his way though your guests performing jaw-dropping, slick and seemingly impossible magic.

Bursts of applause will be heard wherever John goes - improving the atmosphere at your event and making it more exciting.

John leaves behind a trail of impossible obects (such as bent coins) ensuring your guests will be talking about the impossible feats they witnessed at your event for years to come!

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Magic Show in Scotland

Photo taken at Balgeddie House Hotel, Glenrothes.
Special routines are performed for the bride and groom at weddings

Magic Show in Scotland

Photo taken at Balgeddie House Hotel, Glenrothes.
Johns performances let your guests feel like they are doing the impossible themselves.

Magic Show in Scotland

Photo taken at Balgeddie House Hotel, Glenrothes.
Intimate performances for small groupss.

Magician in Glasgow

Photo taken at Victoria Hotel, Kirkcaldy
John's magic routines work just as well with children as they do with adults.

close up magician

Photo taken at Carnbooth House Hotel, Carmunnock
John's strolling magic is an ideal addition to weddings and other special events.

Scottish magician

Photo taken at Carnbooth House Hotel, Carmunnock
Watch as your guests react with astonishment to John's seemingly impossible magic feats.

Magic Shows

Give your guests an amazing intimate magic show experience where John performs for all your guests at once.

John can perform for multiple people simultaniously who can be seated, standing or at a table.

The show length can be customised to suit your requirements.

Ideal light entertainment for nights out, weddings, house parties or other special occasions.

Watch our video to see John in action performing a close up show.

Magic Show in Scotland

Photo taken at Achnagairn Estate, Kirkhill near Inverness.
Johns interactive magic shows can hold the attention of multiple groups of people at once.

Magic Show in Scotland

Photo taken at Glenalmond College.
Johns shows are scalable and can cater to large audiences.

Stage Hypnotism Shows

Using a combination of magic techniques, John can make your guests the star of a hillarious hypnotism show in which your guests get carried away within their own imagination and take part in a series of hillarious sketches.

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Magical hypnotism show

Photo taken at Blair Drummond Community Hall, Stirling
John magical hypnotism shows allow your guests to use their imaginations to become hypnotised using an entirely safe method.

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