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Stage Hypnotism Shows

Give your guests the an hour of amazement and laughter with one of John King's hillarious, interactive hypnotism shows.

Watch your guests gasp in awe as volunteers instantly appear to fall asleep on stage and carry out John's every command.

Participants have fun letting their imaginations run riot by taking part in a series of hillarious sketches that can include going on holiday, being part of a band, witnessing the murder of a fairy, being the world's greatest artist, seeing the entire audience naked and even appearing on a TV game show!

Hypnotised people in Scotland

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John routinely provides other entertainment services to enhance your event, saving you time, effort and money.

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John King and his team can handle events in Argyll And Bute and the surrounding area.

Highlights of one of John's shows at Piperdam, Dundee

Highlights of one of John's shows at Greenock Town Hall

The Show Details

Audience size

Whilst our hypnotism shows can work well with small audiences, larger audiences are preferred in order to create the right atmosphere and ensure that there would be enough voluntary participants. We can cater to events of up to 500 people.

For audiences of under 40 people, we recommend you check out John King's intimate magic shows.

Venue requirements

A stage or large performance area (such as a dancefloor), a seated audience, at least 6 chairs, a PA system and a wireless microphone is required. We can provide the PA and wireless microphone if required.

Age restrictions

Volunteers who participate in the show must be aged 18 years or older.

There are no age restrictions on viewing this show. The show content is aimed at being family friendly and is suitable for all to watch. However, please be aware that occasionally participants may swear or do random things on stage outwith the performers control.

Show length

Timings can vary, but the show is approximagely 1 hour. Due to the nature of hypnotism shows, timings may vary depending on how responsive the volunteers are.

Mobile Disco Upgrade

When purchaced alongside our mobile disco service, the lighting effects and react with the shows contents, helping to create an even more spectacular, immersive and theatrical experience. For example, when the hypnotised subects believe they are lying on a beach, the lights go yellow to simulate sunlight or when they believe they are band members, the lights react in time to the music.

Important information

It is important to understand that this is an audience participation show and as such the show's success is heavily dependant on the cooperation and enthusiasm of the show's participants. With that in mind, it is vitally important to ensure that you will have at least 10 willing & cooperative volunteers present at the show before booking who agree to do everything John says with enthusiasm. If this requirement is not met, the show cannot proceed and will still be chargeable.

Despite what the show looks like, the purported 'hypnotism' that John performs is created entirely using a series of conjuring techniques and psychological trickery and does not involve any kind of genuine trance whatsoever.

The exact method John uses is a closely guarded secret, but John does not utilise any kind of trance or genuine mind control as part of his methodology - hard to believe we know - but all participants are fully conscious and fully aware of everything that is going on around them at all times and participate of their own free will.

Hypnotist in Scotland


Hypnotist in Scotland

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Please be aware that due to demand, our team cannot cater to every enquiry that we recieved. Early booking is strongly advised as bookings are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

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